As a top brand of outdoor power tools, POWER is in our DNA.
We are one of the few brands that can cover all the outdoor power tool product lineups and have the ability to produce heavy-duty power equipment. ENHULK, a brand of AiDot, provides the most comprehensive solutions that enhance productivity, maximize compatibility, and ultimately translate into substantial savings.
Our Solutions
In response to the rising demand for DC tools, ENHULK introduced 20V compact size tools in 2019 to cater to everyday needs for urban and suburban families. The entire range of 20V batteries offers universal compatibility to enhance user convenience and cost efficiency. Notably, ENHULK's 20V tool series achieved Amazon's bestseller in 2022.
As our society shifts away from fossil fuels and embraces cleaner energy, we are convinced that it's time for an innovative approach to energize gardening and landscaping.
In 2022, ENHULK developed the 58V MAX Pro Series with universally compatible batteries. More power and more accessories deliver a comprehensive solution that brings higher power, and performance, for more demanding tasks
What makes ENHULK special?
POWER in Core Technologies
ENHULK's 58V MAX PRO-SERIES BATTERY combines a patented shock-resistant design and a sophisticated BMS (battery management system), revolutionizing the utilization of power. The incorporation of intelligent cooling technology not only ensures user safety but extends battery life for optimal performance.
POWER in Resources
ENHULK, a brand of the AiDot ecosystem, is supported by the world-leading IoT solution provider who owns 10+ branch offices around the world, 530 fully automatic and semi-automatic production lines, 19 million square feet world class factory, and 3700+ patents.
POWER in People


Size of our team





The ENHULK team consists of 200+ individuals with dynamic and international backgrounds, including highly skilled engineers, creative product designers, and innovative team members. 40+ engineers have been concentrating themselves in this field for more than 20 years. They are driven by a passion for creating outstanding products to take care of your garden. That's how we provide powerful and comprehensive outdoor power tools to millions of users over the world.
POWER in our DNA
ENHULK undertook a determined mission to spearhead the creation of the most powerful heavy-duty outdoor tools, including string trimmers for spring, pool vacuums for summer, leaf blowers for autumn, and winter snow shovels for snow removal. ENHULK covers your year-round outdoor power tool needs.
Reliable and Trustworthy


Quality Control Teams

ENHULK has 15 quality control teams, including SQE, IQC, IPQC, OQC, DQE and CQE teams, rigorously controlling product quality at every stage from raw material procurement to production and final delivery. ENHULK places a strong emphasis on customer feedback, using it as a crucial basis for improving product quality. We are committed to continuing to invest in quality control, and consistently striving to enhance the quality of our products to meet customer expectations.


Years Tool Warranty

All ENHULK products offer 4 years tool warranty and 2 years battery warranty. You can contact us in many ways, including but not limited to phone, online chat, email and will get a fast response.
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