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ENHULK 58V 16" String Trimmer — Carbon Fiber

Lightweight Comfort and Heavy-Duty Productivity

ENHULK 58V 16" String Trimmer — Aluminum

Designed for the Comfort and Convenience of Users

ENHULK Pool Vacuum T403

Fast Debris Clearing for a Relaxing Pool

58V Leaf Blower - 930CFM

The most POWERFUL leaf blower*

Endorsed by The Media

“The ENHULK 930CFM handheld blower stands as a shining example of what happens when power, efficiency, and user convenience converge in a single design.”

David Murray     

“I feel like the AiDot ENHULK 930 knocked it out of the park in terms of raw power and usability. Produced by ENHULK, a brand of AiDot, this leaf blower is the most powerful one I’ve ever tried, and is very simple to use.”


“We were really impressed with the power of the AiDot ENHULK 58V 930CFM Cordless Leaf Blower, a battery-operated blower producing such high amount and airflow and airspeed is something new.”

Electronics Hub     

“This powerful leaf blower can help you clean up leaves and pesky pine needles from your driveway or yard; no rake or broom is required. It’s a great choice for a battery-powered leaf blower.”

Jonathan Knoder     

“We were shocked to see how well the ENHULK LBL1493J performs. It effortlessly clears large piles of wet, muddy, and dry debris. It’s fairly quiet and has a long runtime.”

Michelle Selzer     

“I love the AiDot ENHULK 930 Leaf Blower. It’s everything I was looking for: plenty of power, good runtime for my yard, and an easy-to-use design.”

James Garriss     

“At 930 CFMs, this ENHULK blower pushes out more air than any other cordless blower I’ve seen.”


What Our Customers Say

Incredible air velocity for such a compact blower

Incredible air velocity for such a compact blower

ENHULK's electric power tools, including this blower, have impressed me. The compact packaging is convenient. This blower is versatile for various tasks, from cleaning my porch to removing sand from my vehicle. The battery life is great, and it's lightweight for easy use. ENHULK tools have consistently met my expectations. Highly recommended!

Andrew Johnson

So much more convenient than my gas trimmer/edger

So much more convenient than my gas trimmer/edger

Transitioning from a gas trimmer to this ENHULK trimmer was a game-changer. It's lightweight, easy to handle, and converts smoothly from trimming to edging. The push-button line advance is more efficient than the bump method. The battery life is excellent, and having a compatible battery for other ENHULK tools is a bonus. I won't miss the hassles of the gas trimmer.

David Anderson

Well built string trimmer, works good

Well built string trimmer, works good

This string trimmer excelled as an edger and grass trimmer. Its lightweight and well-built design met my expectations. The battery life was impressive, lasting through both tasks. It's adjustable for users of different heights and the wheel feature for edging is a nice addition. The compatibility with general-purpose string rolls adds convenience. Overall, a well-built trimmer/edger option for yard work.

Emily Mitchell

Super light and powerful jet

Super light and powerful jet

This cordless blower is excellent for suburban driveways, efficiently clearing dirt and leaves.
Pros: lightweight, easy assembly, and simple control of the powerful jet.
Cons: proprietary batteries not interchangeable with other brands, might require a second power pack for large tasks.

Michael Williams

*Our claims are based on the most recent internal testing data, accurate as of March 24th.

1. According to internal testing ZJL-TR-GT-202303049, the ENHULK 58V leaf blower achieves airflow rate of 930 CFM.

2. Please note that actual results may vary depending on the environment.

3. The 930 CFM is achieved under specific conditions: a full battery, the siphon nozzle equipped, and turbo mode turned on.